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Clinician's Guide to Using Granule Extracts

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In recent years, granules have become the most popular delivery form for Chinese herbal medicine in the West. However, while the convenience, portability, and efficacy of granules has revolutionized professional herbal medicine, many practitioners have not been exposed to a systematic discussion of critical issues such as dosage and clinical strategies. Over the past 40 years, different approaches to dosage and formulation have emerged in Taiwan, Japan, and mainland China. While granule efficacy can be maximized by observing modern clinical trends in Asia, resources that shed light on this subject are few and far between. In an effort to bridge this knowledge gap, Eric Brand has traveled to factories, hospitals, and clinics throughout Asia to research the manufacturing and clinical trends in the world of granules. In this practical granule handbook for clinicians, Eric covers - *Effective dosing strategies * Methods of formula combining * Common clinical approaches seen in mainland China and Taiwan * Concentration ratios and their effect on dosage * Various manufacturing methods and their impact on patient care * How to set up an efficient pharmacy with attention to good compounding practices.