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Chinese Medicine Study Guide: Materia Medica

Zhong Gan-sheng
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246,00 PLN
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As a guide for Chinese materia medica, this book covers a broad content from the history and fundamental theories to specific medicinals.

In this book, 476 of the most commonly used medicinals are introduced and divided into 21 categories, according to their different actions and indications. The more commonly used and more important herbs are indicated within each chapter, using the different learning requirements in various course syllabi as a basis for importance. Designed as a companion to textbooks in the west, the important and complicated content of this book is presented in comprehensive and easy to understand figures and tables. Tables of similarities between information are laid out in a clear, concise, and simple format, facilitating understanding and comprehension, and making it easy to remember. At the end of each chapter there are also tables to test your herbal knowledge with which you can test your understanding of both the medicinals actions and indications.