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Chinese Style Foot Massage for Common Illnesses

Wang Fu-chun
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108,00 PLN
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  • Producent: People's Medical Publishing House
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This clear and thorough book, with 794 illustrations, introduces 33 common diseases which can be treated by Foot Massage, describes 15 Manipulations used, gives helpful advice for diet and exercise, and takes you step-by-step through what being under the care of a foot massage expert will involve. This is not merely a text to help you understand an ancient healing art, but a manual which will prove useful to you on each step of your journey back to health.For patients with common diseases, "Chinese Foot Massage" can provide extraordinary results. Not only can it improve symptoms, but it may help reduce or even eliminate the need for drugs, on your way to a new and better healthy life.It is filled with practical and easy to learn techniques for foot massage. It introduces the characteristics, functions, applications and every position of Foot Massage. With many vivid and interesting images, it is perfect for Chinese medicine students, patients, and practitioners.

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