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Divine Farmer's Materia Medica

Shou-Zhong Yang
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2 szt.
    • Rok wydania: 
    • 1998
    • Język: 
    • angielski
    • Waga [kg]: 
    • 0.4
    • Oprawa: 
    • miękka
    • Ilość stron: 
    • 205
    • Indeks: 
    • K00464
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95,00 PLN
Wysyłka od: 8.00 PLN
  • Producent: Blue Poppy Press
  • Model: K00464
  • Realizacja zamówienia: 48 godzin

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A translation of the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing. One of three foundation books of Chinese medicine, no translation of it has been available - until now. The Nei Jing (Inner Classic) established the theoretical foundations of TCM, especially acupuncture and moxibustion. The Shen Nong Ben Cao jing laid the foundation for the study of Chinese medicinals. And the Shang Han Lun/Jin Gui Yao Lue (Treatise on Damage [Due to] Cold/Essentials of the Golden Cabinet) is the locus classicus for Chinese formulas and prescriptions and treatment based on pattern discrimination. Translations of the Nei Jing and Shang Han Lun/Jin Gui Yao Lue have long exsisted in English. Now, with this book, all serious students and practitioners of Chinese medicine can have access to all of the three pillars of Chinese medicine.