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Fundamentals of Chinese Acupuncture

Andrew Ellis, Nigel Wiseman, Ken Boss
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    • Rok wydania: 
    • 1991
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    • angielski
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    • 1.1
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    • miękka
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    • 544
    • Indeks: 
    • K00029
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  • Producent: Paradigm Publications
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There are many reasons why Fundamentals of Chinese Acupuncture remains one of the most-used acupuncture books in the profession. Perhaps first and foremost it is because the authors have applied a precise method of translation that allows clinical experience to be directly transmitted. As well, they have drawn on both modern and classical clinical sources. Thus the text provides consistent information that can be cross-referenced not only to the several companion works but to any translation that maintains a reliable relation to the Chinese language. The information presented includes all the channels, including the extraordinary channels, the main, internal, branch, divergent, connecting, sinew, and alternate pathways as they are currently understood in the People's Republic of China. The pathway-by-pathway descriptions are supported by sketches that follow the Chinese sources. Main pathologic signs, therapeutic capacities, symptoms, and T.C.M. pattern relationships are also detailed.

Information provided for each point includes Chinese, Pinyin transliteration, English translation, Western alphanumeric designation, anatomical location guide, and classical location, classical and modern indications and functions. Useful reference tables summarize current Chinese clinical experience. Finally, it is a compact, reliable source of practical information at a very reasonable price. In sum, it provides the material necessary for foundation course-work in the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine.