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Acupuncture in Practice Case History Insights from the West

Hugh MacPherson, Ted J. Kaptchuk
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    • Rok wydania: 
    • 2007
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    • angielski
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    • K00167
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This exciting book presents a wide variety of intriguing and challenging cases, drawn from the experiences of 40 leading practitioners of acupuncture in the West. Written with insight and understanding, the collective contributions of the authors demonstrate the vitality and depth of acupuncture as it is actually practised. The contributors share their observations with remarkable honesty and clarity. Experienced practitioners are seen facing the intractable nature of many conditions and wrestling with subsequent dilemmas and challenges. By following through the progress of each case, readers can see practitioners working through the decision-making process and can draw out many crucial learning points for themselves. Compiled with a rare understanding of what it means to work as an acupuncturist, this extraordinary book will inspire and guide all practitioners and students of acupuncture working in the West.