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Healing the Eyes with Acupuncture Illustrated lessons and demonstrations with Julian Scott

Julian Scott
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240,00 PLN
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  • Producent: Journal of Chinese Medicine
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This 3-DVD set presents over 4 hours of illustrated lessons and demonstrations of techniques for treating eye disorders with acupuncture. The DVDs are presented by Julian Scott, author of Acupuncture for the Eyes.

View a video clip here:

Included on the DVDs are:

  • Basic Western anatomy and disease categories, with illustrations
  • The relationship of the zangfu to the eyes
  • Channels and points, with illustrations
  • Demonstration of local and distal needling and moxibustion
  • Principles of treatment
  • Treatment strategies for common diseases including open angle glaucoma, optic atrophy, retinal bleeding, diabetic retinopathy, dry eyes, cataract, short sightedness, crossed eyes in children, conjunctivitis
  • Qigong massage for the eyes